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Do you know the importance of Breakfast? If not then you must Know!


Those lazy lads this one is especially for you. And also, for those who call themselves as a night person. Breakfast is very important and no one should ever miss breakfast.

As the name suggests, breakfast it means breaking the fast and start your say. As we sleep in the night, though the body doesn’t work the organs work continuously and so, they consume the energy the whole night. So, we have to have our breakfast.

Skipping the breakfast causes two things, it reduces metabolism. And due to not eating for some hours gives an irritational feeling. This could cause some serious issue such as you might have to face the terror of moms while you are irritating yourself as well as people around you. If you want to stay away from the terror of your mom or anyone who can’t stand your irritation and also want to be fit then don’t forget to have your breakfast.

Speaking with TOI, Kavita Devgan, a nutritionist gave a brief detail on the importance of having breakfast and also the right time to have it.

It is true that taking advice from parents and teachers might have some benefits hidden for our own sake. So, never take that advice for granted or something else. 

Why do we skip breakfast?
Skipping breakfast once in a while can be excused but people who want to lose weight through that is on a dangerous path. It can only end up in weight gain. 

The right time to have breakfast
The correct time to have breakfast is within one to two hours of waking up. Feeding and fueling your body within this period is really important to start your day on the right note. 

What is the right breakfast?
The right breakfast should be a complete meal that should include one complex carbohydrate, one good source of protein, one good fat, fibre and antioxidants. Few examples for each category are:


Complex carbohydrate: 
Poha, upma, oats, whole wheat bread, quinoa

Protein: Eggs, cheese, paneer, beans, sprouts

Fat: Nuts, seeds

Fibre and antioxidants: Fruits