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Amy Jackson on racism

June 04, 2020 | 16:44 IST | Editorial |

Recently, the brutal murder of George Floyd created outrage among the world who is currently rising their voice against racism.

Actress Amy Jackson is the latest to join the movement. She took to social media to write:

esterday was a stepping stone to becoming actively anti- racist but this isn’t simply a ‘topical conversation,’ this is not just a one time post to forget about and move on to the next issue… this needs to become a way of life. Researching and discovering Black history, amplifying the voices of POC advocates and supporting causes such as @blklivesmatter (link in my bio) will have a real impact on reversing the conscious ( & unconscious !!) racism in today’s society. I vow to use my privilege and my platform to highlight, educate and enforce ANTI RACISM. I vow to raise my son and future children as loving, compassionate ANTI RACIST human beings.
As parents and Mothers, we are responsible for the future generation and we can literally carve out their mindset to ensure these atrocities never happen again. We have a duty to raise our sons and daughters as anti-racists who stand for equality regardless of skin colour. They look to us to set the example. Don’t let them down.

I have always stood with you.
I am still standing with you…
& I always will stand with you (sic)