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Bharathiraja urges Vijay Sethupathi to drop out of ‘800’

October 17, 2020 | 16:19 IST | CineBuzz |

Vijay Sethupathi`s new movie 800 has sparked major controversies
among those on social media.

Many fans and those within the film community have urged the
actor to drop out from the movie 800 as it portrays the life of Muttiah
Muralitharan. The cricketer was known for his anti Tamil sentiments
during the Sri Lankan conflict.

One among them was Bharathiraja, who has urged the actor to
drop out of the movie. He also said that the actor is loved by all and
the people are unhappy that he has chosen to play a role of a
traitor. He further requested the actor on behalf on all the Tamils, to
not associate himself with a person who supported racism. Lyricist
Thamarai and Actor /director Cheran have also written to Vijay
Sethupathi urging him to respect the wishes of his fans and opt out
from the movie.

Though Vijay Sethupathi has not personally responded, the
production house has released a statement saying that the movie is
a sports biography film and it will not showcase any political
statement or belittle the struggles of the Tamil people.