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Birthday Special: Here’s the fitness routine followed by Trisha!

Undoubtedly the queen of South industry, Trisha Krishnan turns a year older today and the fans have already made it one of the most trending topics on social media.

Trisha has always been a fitness freak and more than that she is smart, knows what works for her body, thus, maintaining a great body.

To start with she normally avoids eating out and takes home food wherever she goes to avoid empty calories.

Here is her diet plan:

Being a huge fan of Vitamin C for its health benefits, Trisha makes sure to pack her fruit bowl with lots of lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits. They are the reason behind her glowing skin and ensure that her eyesight remains strong for years to come.

She says that a heavy breakfast of omelette, parathas, and curd gives her the required kick start for the day, and ensures that she feels relatively full for a longer period of time. Then she tries to eat right, consisting of fruits.

Trisha carries her meals with her to avoid eating junk foods on set. Trisha’s bag always has some fruits, Trisha eats them in between shoot, and fruits are healthy and provide Trisha tons of energy.

Trisha mixes up her exercise routine to challenge her fitness, also new exercises keep the workout schedule interesting. Like other stars Trisha also has a trainer.

Trisha loves her Yoga and she tries to practice yoga almost every day. Apart from Yoga Trisha does one hour of aerobics to burn calories. She is also doing boxing to gain core strength.

Trisha does have temptations and sometimes she says yes to her cravings, but Trisha makes sure she burns those extra calories, she spends some extra time inside the gym if she eats oily food.