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Get rid of rough and freeze hair with some Easy Home Remedy.

It is had for girls to survive in this pollution, especially in India. Women nowadays work hard enough to survive in this male dominating society, and on top of that they are also working hard to maintain themselves but this untimely season shift, pollution and other reasons keep hindering the women.

Here are some easy ways to maintain a smooth and straight hair all day with just simple home remedy which is easy-peasy to make. No need to waste money on chemical products.

  1. Coconut oil and lemon juice.

Image source: shinierhair.com

We all know that coconut nourishes the hair from its root and lemon works on basically everything. Make some mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice, refrigerate it. Then apply on the scalp, leave it for 30 to 45 mins and wash it off.


  1. Banana and papaya mixture.

Image source: thepeacheaper.com

If you don’t like either of the fruits to eat then use them for hair nourishment! Take equal amount of banana and papaya, crush them and make sure and not leave any lumps. Apply on your hair, leave it for 30 to 45 mins and wash it off.


  1. Coconut oil and castor oil.

Image source: ScoopWoop.

Since both the oils have their part in hair growth and smoothing hair. Then mix both the oil in equal quantity and apply it in the scalp for 45 mins and wash it off.


  1. Egg and Olive oil.

Image source: ScoopWhoop

Whisk egg and olive oil well and apply the mixture on your hair. Let it sit for an hour before washing it off.


  1. Olive oil and Aloe Vera.

Image source: ScoopWhoop

Warm some olive oil and mix it well with aloe vera gel. Apply this mixture on your hair for 40 minutes before washing your hair.