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Kadaram Kondan Review: Cakewalk for Vikram!

PLOT: A pregnant wife of a junior doctor is kidnapped and to release his wife, the doctor must help a patient to escape. The whos, whys and whats form the crux of the story.

REVIEW: All these years, we have seen Vikram sweating it out for every single movie of his, and at times, we can only feel bad if the movie doesn’t perform well especially because of the amount of hard work he had to put for the movie.

Kadaram Kondan is different. This is more like a cakewalk for him. He doesn’t have to do much than stay whoever he is.

The stylish actor in him will only make you wanting for more. The “Swag” he brings on-screen is simply breathtaking. Director Rajesh M Selva has done well to produce 141-minute edge-out-the-seat thriller and has given Vikram his own “Billa” moments. Yes, If Ajith had ‘Billa’, Vikram has ‘Kadaram Kondan’ now. Such is the “swag”. Of course, the equal share of credits must go to Ghibran for elevating the scenes. Literally, the entire movie. Ghibran has his moments and the space to stand out in the movie.

KK (Vikram) is wanted by greedy cop and gangster. They want to kill him, but fortunately, KK gets involved in another accident and is saved by a junior doctor Vasu (Abhi Vaasan). Now, Vasu gets into trouble for saving KK, and his pregnant wife Aathira (Akshara Haasan) is kidnapped. In return, the kidnappers want KK. The innocent Vasu is pushed to take the right decisions and teams up with KK to save his wife. What follows is racy action sequences that keep you engaging throughout.

Of course, there are a few scenes that leave you restless, for example, the initial part before getting into the story, but whenever things go restless, you have Ghibran lifting it.

The movie is an official remake of ‘Point Blank (French)’ and the director has done well to make it right for the Indian audience. He makes sure that the movie is focussed completely on KK without taking away the importance of Vasu and Aathira.

If Abhi Haasan doesn’t tell you that it’s his debut, nobody is going to find out, thanks to his crafty performance. Well, he is actor Nassar’s kid and it’s in his genes.

Akshara Haasan, on the other hand, time to time proves that she belongs here already though she prefers learning more. The pre-climax fight between her and a female cop, hands down is one of the highlights of the movie.

Talking about the highlights, neat editing, beautiful cinematography and most importantly the music stands out as well.

When you are watching a thriller like this, it is important to turn off the logic heads of yours and enjoy the movie because you are going to find a few loopholes.

On the whole, this racy thriller with above par job from all the cast and crew is worthy of your money.