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Secret to Madonna’s fitness: A 3 am ice bath and a drink of her own urine

Yes, you read that right.

The 61-year-old singer is undoubtedly is fit than most of the people around the world. Ever wondered how?

The singer recently took to social media to share a video of herself in which she can be seen taking an ice bath and drinking a cup of urine.

The singer captioned: “ICE TRAY-NEW DRIP – 3 am Ice bath therapy for Madame!! Shall we start an ICE bath challenge? 41 degrees. Best treatment for injuries! #icebath #madamex”

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therapy for Madame ❌ !! Shall we start an ICE bath challenge?? 41 degrees ??❄️ Best treatment for injuries!! #icebath #madamex @ahla_malik

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In the video, the singer can be seen doing boxing warmup before the ice bath. She says it is the best way to heal injuries. The temperature of her ice bath was 5 degrees Celcius (41 – degrees Fahrenheit).

At the end of the video, Madonna can be seen wearing a bathrobe sipping something that looks like urine from a cup. She can also be heard saying, “It is really good to drink urine after you get out of the ice bath.”

It’s not the first time Madonna has used urine as a medical treatment. She previously admitted to urinating on her own feet to ward off athlete’s foot in the past.