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Shruti Haasan reveals the toughest thing during lockdown

Actress Shruti Haasan in her recent interview revealed the toughest thing during the lockdown and she also told that she was in therapy for a long time now.

“The toughest thing in a lockdown is not having physical contact with people as I am completely alone in my flat. But I have been quite busy during the lockdown. I have been shooting for magazine covers, making music long distance, writing a lot of music and writing in general. This time has been very productive for me,” she states.

While her peers have been chatting with friends or media outlets, Haasan did Instagram chat with seven “inspiring” women, who shared their views on anxiety, music, body image issues, mental health, sisterhood among other topics. “I have enjoyed the live chats I did, but nothing replaces having the person in front of you. What I have understood and realised during this phase is the value of sharing somebody’s energy be it a family or a friend,” she says. 

“Lockdown affects people in a variety of ways and one of them is their mental health. I definitely think mental health crisis is a very real problem. But people are usually cautious or are ashamed to talk about it,” she adds.

She adds, “I am in therapy for three years now. I seriously recommend therapy for people, who need it. I have tools and meditation that help me.”