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Siblings meet one another after 13 years apart

It was indeed a joyous occasion, as siblings Karthik and Maheshwari , stand together after a long seperation. The brother and sister reunite after 13 years with the help of the police and Child Welfare Committee.

It is indeed a miracle that two siblings Karthik and Maheshwari met one another after a long separation. According to records, the siblings were separated in 2008 in Kolar, Karnataka. It is not known who the parents of these youngsters are. It has been recorded that an attempt to find the biological family was done, when the authorities telecasted Maheshwari`s photo on Dhoordarshan. No one had come forward to claim the youngsters even after that.

They were separated at this period, Karthik was sent to Ranipet CWC and Maheshwari was sent to Chennai CWC. Now after 13 years, the two of them have been reunited after Maheshwari reached out to the Child Welfare Committee in the North Madras area.

The two met at Marialaya Children’s home in Broadway ,for a tearful reunion. Present among them was a representative of  Child Welfare Committee, Ms . Karunya Devi , who worked tirelessly to find Karthik. Sub Inspector Bharathi, from the Anti Child Trafficking unit was also present. 

 The older sibling Karthik, aged 21 has currently applied for law school. The youngster is also an athlete and is currently in Vellur for his studies.  Maheshwari , aged 19  is currently working on her class 12 examination. She is currently in the process of completing some of her failed exams.

It is definitely a proud moment for the police and CWC, as two youngsters stand side by side after more than a decade apart.