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Social media is a mean place: Sania Mirza on handling the trolls

Sania Mirza in the recent radio show with Kareena Kapoor said that she knows how to handle trolls now but it does hurt sometimes.

During the show, Sania also talked about getting trolled online and how she deals with it. “Mujhe toh aadat ho gayi hai, trolls ko handle karne ki. (I am used to handling trolls by now.) I think it’s something that goes with our territory, doesn’t it? It’s very difficult to sort of just take the good of the media or social media,” she said.

Sania said that since she became famous at a very young age, she learned how to deal with the cons of being in the public eye early on. “You try to ignore it but there will be a day when I will wake up on the wrong side of the bed and I’ll be like, ‘Isko toh main kuch na kuch bolungi (I will definitely say something to this person)’ because that’s the human in me,” she said.

The tennis star confessed that trolling hurts sometimes. “Who wants to be told that they are fat or ugly or something deeper than that, as well. Social media, unfortunately, can be a very mean place but it also has its pros. So you just sort of have to take both with a pinch of salt,” she said.

Sania Mirza is the only woman from India to win a Grand Slam (doubles). She currently made a winning comeback to tennis after two years of maternity break. She won the Hobart International. However, ahead of the Australian Open, she injured herself during the practice session and had to retire during the match.