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Four tips to cook with less mess

Set up a bowl for scraps.
Walking to the trash or compost bin may only take a few seconds, but when you don’t have to move at all, it’s even better. Set up a bowl for garbage and a bowl for compost right beside your cutting board.

Use a scale when baking.
Place a bowl on the scale, tare it to zero, and add ingredients by weight. This will save you from dirtying measuring cups and spoons.

Empty the dishwasher.
Never, ever start cooking a meal before the dishwasher has been emptied (unless it’s dirty and still has space in it). This gives you a place to put things directly as you finish with them.

Fill the sink with hot soapy water.
For those items that don’t go in the dishwasher or that you need to reuse immediately, toss them in the sink for a quick soak. They’ll wash up easily.