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Shocking: Three vegetarian foods that are NOT ACTUALLY vegetarian

Vegetarianism is popular all around the world. But, what if you get to know those considering themselves vegetarian have been deceived?

Many food items, which are considered vegetarian, actually, contain some animal products in either its making or processing or both.

Here’s a list of five foods that are considered vegetarian, but are actually not:


White sugar is an essential ingredient of every household. Used in almost everything sweet, sugar is cleaned and refined using ‘natural carbon’. Now, natural carbon is actually made from animal bone char, which is used as a refining, decolorizing agent – which makes the sugar whiter. Hard to believe, but yes, sugar is actually not vegetarian. Skip the white sugar, and instead opt for unrefined brown sugar or pure jaggery.


Gelatin is used to convert water into jelly. It thickens the liquid and gives it that wobbly feel. However, gelatin is an animal-derivative. It is obtained by boiling skin, bones, and tissues of animals like cows or pigs. A vegetarian substitute for gelatin would be agar-agar.


Most seasoned vegetarians learn the hard way that the delicious-sounding cream of broccoli soup on that restaurant menu sounds vegetarian (it’s a broccoli soup!), but oftentimes it’s been made with chicken broth.